New in this season are the Wet N Wild MegaCushion Color Correctors! I've wanted to try these since I saw them on the Wet N Wild website, and after a few weeks of use, I wanted to share my thoughts on these cushions with you. 

These colour correctors are not the most practical (each shade is sold separately), but they are the most adorable little compacts ever! From the cute, youthful looking graphic on the front to their small and portable design, I quite like the design of them. In terms of convenience though, I do wish the packaging was a hinged type of compact. For this compact, you will need to twist to open the lid and if it's something you want to use every day, it can be a bit annoying.

The MegaCushion Color Correctors come in four shades: Green, Yellow, Peach, and Lavender. In terms of what each shade can be used to correct... Green neutralizes redness; yellow helps with dullness; peach can be used to lighten up dark circles; and purple is typically used to help brighten the skin. I tried every shade except the yellow, although I have heard it is very similar to the Green shade.

These cushion correctors are a little more watery, given that they are in a cushion sponge. Each compact also comes with a sponge to tap and blend the product out. In terms of finish, it is super lightweight, which is nice because you typically don't want something heavy when you might also be applying concealer and foundation on top of it.

In terms of opacity, I found that I liked the coverage of the Peach shade the most. If you have to cover undereye circles, this shade works very well. Lavender also had high coverage, but I found that I had to apply more of the Green shade to get better coverage.

Each colour corrector retails for $5.99 on wetnwildbeauty.com. I like that they are sold separately because most of the time, colour correctors are sold in palettes, and I never find myself using the other shades as I tend to deal with only redness. This way, you can pick which correctors you need without worrying about not using other shades!

Have you tried the MegaCushion Color Correctors yet? They also come in a bronzer and highlighter if you're interested!

- Nancy

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