Sun's out, fun's out! Now that the sun is regularly out, I've been working on my tan, but the sun has also been so hot lately that I've definitely felt the effects of it at the end of the day. Two products I've been using lately to combat the sunny weather is Live Clean's Sport Mineral Sunscreen Spray and their After Sun 98% Aloe Vera Gel.


The Sport Mineral Sunscreen Spray ($21.99 CAD) has SPF 30, is water resistant, non-greasy, and doesn't leave a white film. A main feature of the packaging is the continuous spray technology which is different from other petroleum-based propellents because this allows Live Clean to use eco-friendly propellents such as pressurized air to dispense the product. Once again, I love how Live Clean strives for an ethical and eco-friendly mandate.

What I love about this sunscreen is how it feels on the skin. I'm not sure if it is because it is a mineral sunscreen, but it feels so lightweight on my skin when I apply it and doesn't leave a greasy feeling. I also like that it has an SPF of 30, because it's the perfect amount for every day use. In terms of "sport" though, I do think it might not be as effective if you were to use it for heavy sun exposure, although it is water and sweat resistant. 

Mineral sunscreens are the best to use because unlike chemical products, the product sits on top of your skin and can be applied as soon as you are going into the sun. I like knowing that what I'm applying on my skin won't be absorbed into my body and since the Live Clean Sport Mineral Sunscreen is 98% plant derived, it is not harmful unlike other sunscreens.


The second product from Live Clean I've been reaching for lately is the After Sun 98% Aloe Vera Gel ($8.24 CAD). On days when I have been out of the sun for a little too long, I've been rubbing this into my more irritated areas and is it the most soothing gel ever. It really is just Aloe Vera, but I love how practical it is in the tube, and it also contains Tea Tree Oil and Arnica Extract, which gives the gel a fresh scent. Another plus is that you can use this gel to sooth insect bites, shaving nicks, and other minor irritations. 

Have you tried anything from Live Clean's sun care range? If you're interested in these products, Live Clean can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and 

Have a great rest of your week everyone!
- Nancy

Disclaimer* Press samples sent for review.


For the past month I've been using the Cora X2 Facial Cleansing System from Fancii and after a month of use, I've had enough time to give you my thoughts on it. Fancii is an up and coming online retailer for beauty, health, and personal care needs. They believe in offering affordable prices without sacrificing quality. 

Fancii offers three facial cleansing systems through their online website, ranging in price from $35.99-$39.99. This is easily a quarter of the price of other facial cleansing brushes available on the market. The Cora X2 Facial Cleansing Brush is 7x more effective at cleaning your skin than your bare hands alone. The brush works to reduce the appearance of pores, renews skin texture, improve blood flow, and so much more. There are two speed settings designed for gentle exfoliation and daily deep cleansing. The brush also comes with two brush heads, the 'Spin Head" and 'Sonic Head" and is completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bath!

I actually prefer using the Cora X2 brush in the shower, because I find that the bristles splash a lot of water around if I use it over the sink. I also like to really get into cleansing my skin, so it tends to get messy, and it's just easier to use my foaming cleanser in the shower. In terms of battery power, I have used the brush once every day for the past month, and I still have not needed to charge it, so the battery lasts a pretty long time.

I love using a cleansing brush at the end of the day to clean my face because I feel like it is the most effective way to thoroughly remove any makeup, oils, and dirt from my pores. The Cora X2 brush comes with two different brush heads. The first is a sonic brush head, which oscillates at over 100 movements/sec to deeply exfoliate your skin. The second is a rotary spin head which rotates 360 degrees to gently clean the skin. I prefer using the rotary spin head because it helps my cleanser foam up a lot better and the bristles are a lot softer and longer whereas the sonic head is denser making it more ideal for exfoliation although I prefer using a microexfoliant anyways.

To round things up, I thought I'd include a PROS and CONS list of the Cora X2 Facial Cleansing Brush:
PROS | cleanses, foams up facial cleansers, has two speed settings, comes with two different brush heads, soft bristles, waterproof, rechargeable with a USB, super affordable!
CONS | difficult to change the brush heads, speed settings could be faster, there are no brush head covers for storage

Overall, I really like the Cora X2 Facial Cleansing system from Fancii. I like that not only is it a great facial cleansing brush, it is also super affordable. You can find this system along with the other Fancii products on Amazon and on their website.

- Nancy

Disclaimer* Product sent complimentary for review.


A couple weeks ago I checked out some new releases from Charlotte Tilbury with Madeline from Classically Contemporary. Featured was the new Beauty Filters collection from the brand, inspired by the latest technology in the cosmetics department and aimed at making all of our Instagram filters come to life! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me rave about the Legendary Lashes mascara, which has become a holy grail of mine (and you know how I feel about mascara since I wear glasses). In this post, I'll also be sharing my thoughts on the limited edition, Exagger-Eyes eyeshadow palette, aimed at creating bigger brighter eyes. 


This is a reformulated version of their original Legendary Lashes. The formula is designed to give you long wearing, smudge-proof lashes that increase in volume by 507% after only one application. I don't often say this about mascaras, but I LOVE this mascara. I love the packaging, I love the formula, I love the brush - I just love everything about it. 

The formula itself is slightly on the wet side, but that means it creates instant volume and lengthens without clumping. The brush grabs onto my itty bitty lashes and separates them so it looks like I have more lashes than I actually do, and also gives them a small push-up effect which makes my lashes look curled instead of sticking out straight like every other mascara I've tried. I love how once the formula dries, my lashes look super glossy and don't feel brittle or dry. 


This is a limited edition quad of shadows designed to give you the illusion of sparkling, dolly eyes. It features an ivory-cream, rose-gold, red-brown and a transparent sparkly shade. I love how neutral this eyeshadow palette is, making it suitable for everyone. It's also very wearable for day to night since it contains one matte shade, two shimmer, and one that sparkles. In terms of blendability, the Exagger-Eyes palette blends very well however, the only thing I didn't love about it is that the matte red-brown shadow isn't as buttery as the three other shadows. I found it difficult to swatch however, when used with a dense brush, it works just as well. 

Overall, I love the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Filters collection! I want to try their Collagen Lip Bath and their other Bigger Brighter Eyes palette in Transform-Eyes. Have you tried any from Charlotte Tilbury?

- Nancy

Disclaimer* Press samples given for consideration of reviewing. 


Hi friends! As promised, today I have a quick review on the L'Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil. I have been using a cleansing oil to remove my makeup for years and it has literally changed how I clean my face at the end of the day. While I do love the cheaper alternative (The Body Shop's Chamomile Cleansing Oil), I wanted to splurge and treat myself to a higher end product and compare the differences.

The L'Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil comes in a 200mL bottle and retails for $29.00 CAD. It's only slightly more costly than some cleansing oils but I would say it's definitely in the mid-tier in terms of price. The base is of sunflower oil, and is super liquidy but feels very silky on the skin. The Shea Cleansing Oil does a fantastic job of removing makeup, even waterproof makeup. It has that shea butter scent you would expect if you've used other products from the shea butter line, and because of that ingredient, it also adds a touch of hydration. Like most cleansing oils, it emulsifies well when mixed with water, and even when it's washed off, there is no greasy residue. Of course, I do like to use a regular facial cleanser afterwards to make sure everything is off, but the cleansing oil definitely does its job in removing all of my makeup.

Overall, I did really like the Shea Cleansing Oil. Would I purchase it again? Yes, but only if I feel like treating myself because while it did its job and I don't have any complaints, I would say I would rather spend less money on The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil because they really both do the same thing. Both are also ethically produced and use high quality ingredients, so I love that about them but for an every day product, I just have a preference.

Have you tried the L'Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil? What did you think about it? Also, do you do the double-cleanse method? 

- Nancy


A couple months ago I was introduced to the entire range of My Real Squeeze sheet masks from Innisfree and I absolutely loved them! My friends over at Take Good Care kindly sent me the collection to try out and after using them up, I of course had to re-order a few of my favourites. The My Real Squeeze masks come in three different variations: water, essence, and cream. I found that I definitely gravitated more towards the cream-based sheet masks because not only were they refreshing, I also found the ingredients in them to feel more nourishing and effective.


Cream based //
Shea Butter | The shea butter masks are soaked in an essence that is recommended for normal to dry skin. When the weather was colder in Toronto, I loved using this mask because it left my skin feeling smooth, and super moisturized. 
Oatmeal | The oatmeal sheet mask is soaked in a creamy essence that feels super soothing on my skin.
Rice | Rice sheet masks are great for brightening dull looking skin, so whenever my skin looks lack luster, I like to apply this mask right before bed and I'll wake up to a glowy complexion.

Essence based //
Aloe | This mask is saturated in an aloe-based essence which is known for its soothing properties, and is great for when my skin is feeling irritated or inflamed. 
Manuka Honey | Honey is known for its antibacterial and healing properties, so I love this mask for when my skin is recovering from breakouts.

I thoroughly enjoyed the water-based masks too but I didn't end up reordering them. However, I highly recommend any of them if you're looking for a sheet mask that will make your skin feel very refreshed!

Have you tried the My Real Squeeze masks from Innisfree? Which ones do you like the best? If you haven't and would like to try them, I highly recommend shopping through Take Good Care as they not only offer a wide selection of other Korean beauty products, they are also reputable and a Canadian online retailer.

Have a great weekend!
- Nancy

Disclaimer* The Innisfree sheet masks were sent to me for review initially however, I repurchased them for this blog post because I love them!


After having a reminiscent night and going through my blog posts from the past, I realized that it's been a hot minute since I last published an updated foundation routine/base makeup routine. After reading my last routine too, I realized that I currently use none of the products I used circa 1.5-2 years ago. Everything has stayed the same in terms of primer, foundation, bronzer, etc, but it surprised me how different the products I use now are. I've tried out so many different types of products over the years so I thought I'd share the routine I am currently doing for my base makeup!


primer | I currently use Pixi's Flawless & Poreless Primer. After my skincare routine, I like how different this priner feels compared to other pore minimizing primers because it is very hydrating, and doesn’t have the typical silicone texture that most of us are used to. It’s definitely pore minimizing but it also adds a dewy underlayer to the skin.
foundation | For foundation, I have been loving The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation. My shade is 2.0N. This foundation is so lightweight and feels more watery, which is great because I don’t like thick, matte type of foundations. The coverage is light to medium, and one pump of this does the trick for me.

concealer | I was on the hunt for a new concealer, so when The Face Shop had their annual holiday sale, I thought I’d try their Super Cover Concealer. This is hands down one of the best concealers I have ever used! Korean makeup tends to have a reputation of being light coverage, but this concealer is flawless in its coverage ability. A little goes a long way and it doesn’t feel very heavy either.

 | I ran out of my favourite (Dr. Hauschka's Correcting Powder) so I went back to using elf’s Tone Correcting Powder. I’ve actually used this in the past and it’s a great powder for setting. It's packed tightly so it's not cakey at all and I love using correcting powders since they have all of the colours to even out my skin tone.

bronze & highlight | For my bronzer and highlighter, I been using the cult classics from Benefit - Hoola Bronzer and Watt’s Up. Hooler Bronzer is simply universal and just warms up my skintone after powdering and Watt’s Up is a cream based highlighter that adds a subtle glow to my cheekbones.

setting spray | Lastly, to seal everything in, I spritz two to three pumps of Wet n Wild's Photofocus Matte Finish and then we're good to go! 
And that’s everything I currently use for my base makeup! I’m sure my routine will change when the weather gets warmer, but these have definitely been my go-to products for the past few months.

Have a great week everyone!
- Nancy

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