A couple weeks ago I was introduced to Phyto Paris at their 50th anniversary celebration, hosted at La Maquette in Downtown Toronto. I had never heard of Phyto Paris before, so attending this celebration was a great introduction to the brand, and I got to learn all about their history from 1969 up until now in 2019! Just as a brief summary, Phyto Paris has been one of the leading haircare brands in Europe. Over the 50 years they have been in business, they have released a huge range of products. Today I'm featuring their PHYTOJOBA line which I've been using for the past month.

The PHYTOJOBA line is a moisturizing hair care range that restores softness and shine to dry and dehydrated hair without weighing it down. There are three main ingredients in the PHYTOJOBA formulation; jojoba oil, jojoba milk, and mallow extraction. These all help to hydrate and condition the hair, maintaining strength while softening the hair fiber. 

This is a pearly-tinted and shimmering shampoo that offers a fine and light mousse. I learned that PHYTO products are highly concentrated, and so I've literally been applying the smallest amount into the palm of my hands, and work it into a lather on my wet hair. It doesn't offer the same intense foam that drugstore shampoos tend to do, but by hair and scalp feel just as clean!

This is a rich, silky cream that instantly melts into the hair to hydrate it without weighing it down. What I love about this product is how little you need to use, which is great considering the price of one tube. I use a quarter size amount and apply it on the ends of my hair which helps to detangle it after shampooing. You can use this as a conditioner in the shower or a full-on hair mask if you plan on leaving it in for longer. 

One of Phyto Paris' newest products, this is a hair treatment designed to add shine and suppleness. I've been applying two pumps of this to my hair on wet and dry hair daily, and it just adds the most delicious scent to it. Since it's a gel formula, it doesn't feel heavy on my hair at all, and when combined with both the shampoo and conditioner, it's the perfect hair-care routine to ensure my hair stays healthy right down to the fiber. 

I've been loving this simple, three step hair-care routine from Phyto Paris. Having just heard about the brand too, I was pleased to learn that in 2019, they have taken major steps to limit their environmental footprint. Their bottles are 100% recyclable and they have eliminated all paper instructions/boxes from their packaging. As small as this may seem, just these simple acts have the biggest impacts on the environment.

Overall, I'm very impressed by the products I've been using. I've been loving luxe, higher-end hair products lately because I personally think they have just done wonders for my hair. Yes, they are more expensive than your typical drugstore shampoos and conditioner, but the products don't contain any fillers and are concentrated with high quality ingredients so you don't have to use much.

Hope you all enjoyed this review and give Phyto Paris a try!

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