I've always been keen to try natural beauty products and incorporate them into my skincare routine as often as possible. About a year ago I was introduced to Rocky Mountain Soap Co. after seeing a few of their store fronts in Alberta when I was home for the holidays. Naturally, I tried some of their bath bombs and absolutely loved them! 

While they began with soap, they have branched out into body products, bath bombs, and most importantly, skincare! I've been introducing two of their 100% natural skincare products into my daily skincare routine and wanted to share my thoughts on them with you.

POMEGRANATE DAY CREAM | 50mL($35.00)/20mL($14.50)

This day cream is made to nourish, protect, and prevent the signs of ageing. As an ingredient with high levels of anti-oxidants, pomegranate has naturally hydrating ingredients that helps your skin stay moisturized all day long. When you think of a face cream, you tend to think of a greasy type of formula, but this day cream is so lightweight and immediately sinks into the skin.

It's definitely a nice treat for my skin, and since it has anti-ageing properties, I've been applying it on my smile lines to prevent wrinkles. It comes in a 50mL size, and a 20mL size which is great for travel. The only thing I wish this product had is some type of SPF since it is a day product and I feel like that factor is extremely important in the morning.

CALMING TONER | 100mL ($27.00)

This toner contains lavender and arnica which helps to soothe sensitive and/or irritated skin. It comes in a spray bottle which is great to use with either a cotton pad or as a mist for an added layer of hydration and refreshment. Lately, my skin has been going insane. There has been redness, itchiness, breakouts, etc and nothing has soothed it like this toner has. It just feels so refreshing and the lavender scent makes it perfect to spray on at night because it's instantly calming and relaxing before bed.

Since these were my very first skincare products from Rocky Mountain Soap Co., I wasn't too sure what to expect, but I have to say they're definitely worth it! Price wise, they're not far off from most skincare brands, and they're 100% natural so you know you're not loading up your skin with sulfates, parabens, and other preservatives.

Have you tried anything from Rocky Mountain Soap Co.? I can't wait to go back home for the holidays to pick up more of their products.. :)

- Nancy
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