Mornings are always busy... and lately, my mornings have been hectic, not to mention my days and nights. Since there are a lot of new chapters happening in my life soon, I haven't really had the time to stop and relax. Luckily, there are a few morning rituals I have been doing to help me have a moment of peace to start my day, one of them being doing my makeup in the morning, which is always relaxing to me.

Lately I've been using some lovely products from Dr. Hauschka that I received a couple weeks ago at the makeup launch where bonjourzoe and I finally met, and had a very pretty morning with breakfast and custom floral bouquets at Berkeley Field House. These three products, the Facial Toner, Colour Correcting Powder, and Brow & Lash Gel, have made my mornings just a little prettier, and I'm excited to share my thoughts on them with you!


I have been reaching for this powder every single day since I took these photos of the products. The Colour Correcting Powder is a translucent powder and features four different shades. All of the shades are meant to work together to reduce the appearance of redness and lightens shadows for a fresh complexion. The mineral pigments are combined with nourishing botanical ingredients such as anthyllis and witch hazel, which give the powder a light scent.

The Colour Correcting Powder is very fine, and so it blends so easily on the skin. It can be worn with or without foundation, but I always use powder to set my makeup, so I was thrilled that this powder seamlessly blends into my face without leaving a dusty residue whatsoever.


In the mornings, I love spritzing a couple sprays of the Facial Toner onto my freshly cleansed face. The mist is very fine and so it always feels so luxurious and refreshing on the skin. The Facial Toner helps me achieve a radiant and rosy complexion, and smells lovely with its extracts of witch hazel and anthyllis. 

In addition to using this in the mornings, I've also reached for it whenever my skin is feeling congested or on those hot days we had a couple weeks ago in Toronto. The Facial Toner leaves my skin feeling fresh and revitalised while encouraging a balanced pH level and simple hydration.


I do my brows every morning, but I've never been a big brow gel type of person. However, I was very excited to try the Dr. Hauschka Brow & Lash Gel after learning that it is one of the first of its kind in the natural beauty department. This is because it is very difficult to create a transparent gel using natural ingredients, but after a few years of trial and error, Dr. Hauschka finally delivered!

The Brow & Lash Gel can be used as a primer for mascara on the lashes, or as a setting gel for eyebrow hairs. I like to use it for the latter. As with all of the Dr. Hauschka products, this gel smells florally and botanical, and definitely holds my hairs in place throughout the day.

I should also mention that all of Dr. Hauschka's products are made in Germany. They are a cruelty-free and natural and organic brand, with no parabens or preservatives used in any of their products. You can find them at Hudson's Bay and on

What are some of your morning rituals? Let me know in the comments down below :)

- Nancy
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