If you really want to step up your beauty game, investing in a magnifying mirror is crucial. I really didn't think I needed one since apparently I was doing "just fine" with my double-sided round mirror from Ikea. But since having this mirror, my beauty game has changed drastically. I don't even want to think about how I was applying my makeup or plucking my eyebrows without the Simple Human Sensor Mirror Pro.


The mirror I have is the Sensor Mirror Pro 8" Round. It has a large 5X magnification mirror, and a detachable 10X detail mirror that magnetically attaches to the front, and stores easily at the back of the mirror. It has a colour rendering index of 90, and its tru-lux light system closely matches the sun's natural light spectrum. Lastly, the mirror is wifi-enabled, so you can change its settings through the Simple Human app, and it easily charges with a single cord so you don't have to plug it in every time you want to use it.

One of the first things I did with this mirror was pluck my eyebrows, because as soon as I brought my face to the mirror and its light, I saw everything. EVERYTHING. Oh my, you would not believe how horrified I was to see all of those little hairs around my brows. I spent a couple minutes in front of the mirror, filled in my brows, and when I stepped back to look at my normal mirror, I could not even believe how amazing my brows looked.

I also used the mirror to apply my full makeup routine every morning, and again, after stepping back to look in my normal mirror, everything was flawless on my face. I love how the light system mimics natural light, which means I don't have to turn towards my window every morning to do my makeup but on top of that, the zoom feature makes me catch everything little thing about my makeup. Whether it be unblended foundation, creased product lines, etc - I literally see everything with this mirror.


One of the things I found to be so interesting with this brand is the technology that goes hand in hand with it. There is a Simple Human app, which you can sync your mirror/any Simple Human product to, and in the case of the mirror, you can adjust different light moods, the brightness level of the light, as well as capture the current light mood around you and sync it to the mirror. Since the mirror is a sensor mirror, every time you go up close to it, it lights up and you can adjust the length of time it stays lit when you move farther away too.

One of the major factors to think about if you're interested in Simple Human products is the obvious price range of their products. The Sensor Mirror Pro 8" Round retails for $250.00 which I know not everyone can afford. While the pros of this mirror far outweigh the cons, the only main con I have about it is how there is no regular mirror. It's a fantastic, high quality product, but I personally would like to see how my face looks in a normal mirror after I've finished grooming or applying makeup. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but the charge in my mirror did not last for up to four weeks, it lasted about a week and a half before I had to recharge.

Overall, I do really love my Sensor Mirror Pro. It combines beauty with technology, it has a system that beats any beauty mirror on the market, but would I have purchased it for myself? Yes and no. The price makes my wallet hurt a bit and after all, I felt like I was doing just fine with my little Ikea mirror however, I don't think I'll go back to a regular mirror after using this one. I can say with confidence that it probably beats any mirror you're using right now.

You can browse the Simple Human products on their website, as well as find their products on at Hudson's Bay in Canada.


*Simple Human Sensor Mirror sent for review. 
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