I have never experienced a true summer in Toronto until 2016. Most of my summers have been spent in my hometown in the west (where summers are very dry), or as for the case of last summer, it was considerably much cooler than this year's weeks of humidity. After noticing that feeling of my makeup sliding off in the sun, I decided it was time amp up the summer makeup routine with something with a little more lasting power.

The Makeup Setting Spray from NYX ($10.00 CAD) comes in two different finishes with equally long lasting power. There is a dewy finish, and a matte finish. As my skin tends to run on the more oily side, I went with the matte finish. I will usually spray this over my makeup when it is all complete to ensure everything from the foundation to the eyeliner is set. So, after applying my makeup daily makeup routine, I'll spray 2-3 spritzes of the setting spray all over my face, and give it a few seconds to settle into my skin and dry.

What I like about this setting spray is how you can see the mattifying properties immediately after spraying it. It has also helped my makeup last the full eight to nine hours that it usually does when the weather isn't hot and humid, so that makes it a great product in my books. It feels super lightweight on the skin, to the point where I don't even notice it, but its lasting power is quite strong. As it is effectively keeping my makeup on my face now, I can only imagine how long my makeup will last in the fall and winter when I use this.

Have you guys tried the setting sprays from NYX? What are your opinions on them? Let me know in the comment section down below.

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