I've. Actually. Tanned. 

This summer, I've actually gone out of my way to get somewhat of a tan. Therefore, I've been taking extra good care of my skin, and making sure it stays super soft, smooth and ready for the sun! In addition to moisturising every night before I go to bed, I've also been trying out a lot of different exfoliators, and as we all know my love for supporting indie beauty, when ATP Coffee Scrubs reached out to me to try out one of their coffee scrubs, I couldn't resist! 

ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate (all of my chemistry gals knows what's up) which in simple terms is a molecule that stores the energy we need to do anything and everything. It is found in every cell. So, a natural distinction can be made... coffee = our energy

This is ATP Coffee Scrubs' #1 body scrub. It is a perfect balance of hydration and exfoliating that smells just like paradise. This scrubs exfoliates your body without leaving it dry as the coconut oil hydrates the skin. Coffee grounds are more gentle than sugar crystals, so it's perfect to use every few days, and works well for those with dry skin as well.  Coffee contains many benefits (in addition to waking us up in the morning), including improving circulation, brightening the complexion, and reducing premature ageing. On the other hand, coconut has its own list of benefits, including its antibacterial properties, and its ability to moisturise the skin and containing plenty of antioxidants.

To use this scrub, I will firstly rinse my body, and then grab a handful of this sweet smelling mix of ingredients, and rub it all around my body, focusing on my arms and legs. After five to ten minutes, I'll turn the shower back on to rinse everything off. I love that feeling after using a scrub, when your skin just feels so smooth, soft and hydrated, when you don't even feel like you need to use a moisturiser because that's how great your skin feels. This scrub does exactly that. I do love it very much however, one thing I do think is worth mentioning is that while I love the sleek, black packaging that is very on point for branding, it does make it a little bit messy to scoop my hand in the pouch and take some product out without getting it all over the outside of the bag. 

Each coffee scrub comes in three different sizes, including a sample size, so you can try each one out before committing to a larger size. ATP Coffee Scrubs also has a small range of body butters, and a few other skincare products, all handmade with carefully selected ingredients. I also want to point out that for EVERY ATP Coffee Scrub sold, they donate a portion of sales to Save Our Scruff! a Toronto based rehome and rescue charity dedicated to pups all around the world!

If you're interested in trying out an ATP Coffee Scrub, remember to use the code "10offnancy" for 10% off your entire purchase! 


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