One of my favourite places to browse for natural beauty products is on Etsy, because similarly to shopping in a store, there are just so many varieties to choose from. The difference is that these businesses tend to engage in small-batched production, allowing for careful ingredient selection and quality control. One of these businesses is Crimson & Clover Apothecary, based in Ontario and owned by Kristin Small. She began creating her own skincare products years ago for personal use after realising many luxury skin care items were not only exorbitantly priced, but that they also contained all sorts of chemicals, additives, preservatives, and more. With the dissatisfaction with the prices and false advertisements of companies that claim to offer "natural" products, she began to create her own products.

Kristin is passionate about all natural products, organic, sustainable, and fair trade ingredients and production, and producing products that feel luxurious. I got to try out a few products from the Crimson & Clover Apothecary line, and I have to say that I was quite impressed with the results. She sent over a bottle each of Micellar Aqua, Pinky Promise Mask, Earth and Petals, and a tub of Kalani, a whipped body souffle. You can scroll down below to read my thoughts on each individual product.


This Micellar water removes makeup, dirt, and oil from the skin without stripping the skin's complexion. I loved using this solution at the end of the day to remove my makeup, and I found it to be insanely effective in dissolving all of my face makeup. Especially due to the fact that the bottle I chose contained eucalyptus mint extract, it would have been sensitive to use on my eye makeup, so I used an oil-based eye makeup remover prior to swiping a cotton pad soaked with this micellar water across my eyes to remove any extra residue. I also loved how the the eucluptus mint provided a cooling sensation after use, which made my skin feel super clean! The Micellar solutions are also available in three other scents: rose ylang-ylang, Fresh lavender, and grapefruit.


This is a clay mask that detoxes and lifts impurities and while it is a clay mask, it is actually formulated for sensitive skin. I often find that clay masks can irritate the skin however, this one does no such thing! It's made with French pink clay, which is the most gentle of all the clays and contains healing ingredients like rosehip extract, green tea, rose, and chamomile. I am really getting into powdered clay masks these days, because it is not until you mix the clay powder with a liquid of your choice that it becomes activated, so you really are getting the best and freshest version of the mask when you use it.


This is an organic face scrub that exfoliates the skin without leaving any oils or residue behind. The main exfoliant is jojoba meal, which means that when washed away down the drain and into the water, aquatic animals won't be affected by it (unlike the plastic beads that are slowly being phased out of beauty scrubs). This scrub is saturated with argan and camellia seed oils, as well as rose and chamomile, all working together to create a lovely, earthy scent. I love using this a few days out of the week to rub off any dead skin cells on my face, and I think it works just as well any of my other skin exfoliants, but it definitely has a leg up as all Crimson & Clover Apothecary products are vegan/plant based, natural, and organic.


In addition to my mini skin regime products, I also got to try out the Kalani Whipped Body Souffle. This body moisturiser is handcrafted with several certified organic oils and is scented with jasmine sambac. This body souffle also contains a hint of shimmer, which at first I was sceptical towards however, I love how it looks in the sunlight when I apply it before I head out for the day. Unfortunately as it is now summer, Crimson & Clover Apothecary will not be shipping any body butters due to the fact that they will melt easily in the heat during shipping. The trade off though is that they are completely natural and do not contain any chemical stabilisers or waxes. I highly recommend ordering a tub when they recommence shipping on September 1st though!

Kristin is a definitely a creator of magical things! I loved every single product that I got to try from Crimson & Clover Apothecary, and I was highly impressed by her commitment to natural ingredients as well as sustainable and fair-trade sourcing. One more thing I would like to note is that the packaging of these products is of very high quality (glass bottles, professional labelling, etc), and I think it's awesome that I'll be able to reuse them when I am finished with the products. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about Crimson & Clover Apothecary, and if you get the chance to, you should definitely check their products out!

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