Hey lovelies! I'm going to be sharing a special little post about my experience with Maille (pronounced "my") at this year's Taste of Toronto event. Firstly, I'll start with the Taste of Toronto food festival. I got to attend this year's food festival as part of the press, so that itself was an awesome experience. Press attendees received a badge and a pre-loaded $20.00 Crown card (the official "currency" for Taste of Toronto). I did end up loading an extra $30.00 on the card though, because there were so many booths and dishes to try that loading up my card was inevitable.

There were many vendors at Taste of Toronto, ranging from local Toronto restaurants to Toronto breweries and distilleries, and several sponsor booths such as Metro and The Food Network. The idea is that you get to walk around from booth to booth, sampling their products with the option to purchase them as well. Some booths had free samples whereas at others you could use Crowns to try a sample. Other food vendors had a pre-set mini-menu, where you could use your Crowns to try their dishes.

I thought the whole event was a cool concept, and I'd love to try going to more of these events. I tried so many things that I don't even remember half of what I had but I do remember starting the event off with Mill Street's Hard Rootbeer (I swear, this is the latest trend with craft breweries), which was definitely needed as the sun was definitely beating down on the festival grounds. I also sampled some gin from Toronto Distillery Co. although so many vendors gave out various alcoholic beverages too.

In terms of food, we had ribs, lamb, various sandwiches and snacks all from some of Toronto finest diners and top chefs. This is the menu card of the main food vendors that were at Taste of Toronto: Menu Card. My favourite booth of all though was the Maille booth, which was one of the first you would have seen walking into the festival grounds. 

The Maille booth was decorated in a way that reminded me of a cute little French villa, complete with mustard tasting stations and small tables and chairs where you could sit to try all of their different mustards. The highlight at Maille though was an interactive feature they had where we were able to make our own mustard! It cost 2 Crowns, where we were then given a small jar and ushered to one of the two workstations within the booth. We were then given a quick run through of what would be the best concoctions for either a savoury or sweet mustard and we were then left to do whatever we wanted. I ended up making savoury mustard with oregano, rosemary, curry powder, basil, and some lemon juice. 

I really liked that the Maille booth was interactive for the attendees. It was so much fun to be able to add our own ingredients to their mustard bases as well as get out of the sun and sit down to sample their many mustards with pickles and pretzels. It was easily my favourite booth at the event.

Maille was selling many of their mustards at Taste of Toronto however, I had actually gotten the chance to try out some of their mustards many weeks prior to the event. They now offer their Dijon Mustard with Honey in a squeeze tube, which is so practical for those outdoor picnics and even for regular use. If a sweet mustard isn't yout thing, their Dijon Originale is available in both the original jar and the squeeze bottle, in addition to several of their other mustards. 

Did any of you guys attend Taste of Toronto this year? What were some of your favourite dishes? Let me know in the comments! 


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