Today, let's talk about why regularly cleaning your make-up brushes is important. Unwashed brushes harbour old make-up, dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, face oils, and so much more. Wet products such as cream foundations, concealers, and blushes are an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive and multiply, and nobody wants that applied onto their face. In addition to the sanitary concerns, make-up clings to the brush bristles, which can stiffen the hairs and eventually damage them if they aren't cleaned regularly. A regular maintenance will not only remove dirt and bacteria, but it will also maintain your brushes' strength and softness, extending their life. 

I have been using the Prism Brush Bar to clean my make-up brushes and I absolutely love it! Their natural and vegan formula can be used on both synthetic and natural brushes. The formulation won't dry them out, and will condition the brush hairs with each use. It is a natural, quick and effective way to clean and sanitize your brushes. It's best to try to clean your brushes once a week, and this bar makes that so much easier. They are also 100% made in Canada!

  1. Firstly, I will wet my brush with lukewarm water, and swirl the brush all over my Prism Brush Bar to remove the build up of make-up. It is a soap bar, so it will begin to foam and lather the brush up.
  2. I will then run the brush and soap bar under running water to let the make-up wash off and rinse the bar at the same time.
  3. After a second rinse in water, I then gently wring out any extra water in the brush using a clean towel and let it stand up on the brush hairs to dry. This will ensure that the water drains out and not into the glue holding the brush hairs together.
  4. When I'm done washing all of my brushes, I let my Prism Brush Bar sit in a soap dish so that it air dries and is ready to use for my next cleanse!

I love the efficiency and ease of using a bar to clean my make-up brushes, and I think this product is genius as most brush cleaning products are in a liquid form. My brush bar is called Opal, but Prism Brush Bar is coming out with a new line of products very soon to add onto their existing brush bar. You can purchase their bar, Aqua Aura here, and also check out their website here.


Disclaimer: Prism Bar Bar sent me an Opal bar for complimentary review.
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