As promised I am back with a review of a collection that I have been very eager to try out. A few weeks ago I was invited to the press event for the re-release of Miracle 10 Body products, but unfortunately wasn't able to attend. The team at Miracle 10 was kind enough to send the entire line to me anyways, and I'm excited to share my thoughts!

As a brief introduction, Miracle 10 is a Toronto-based skincare company. Their products are formulated with scientifically proven ingredients, are fragrance-free, paraben-free, not tested on animals and made in Canada. Today I'm featuring the Body collection, which has been released with improved active ingredients and new packaging.


Body Cleanser | 200ml | $49.00
The Body Cleanser is a hydrating body wash with active ingredients such as salicylic acid, prodew 500, and malachite extract. These ingredients work together to exfoliate, hydrate, and provide anti-inflammatory and protective qualities. 
Pros: Is a great all-over body cleanser, foams up well, smells amazing! If you like fennel, there is a hint of it that makes this cleanser the perfect wake-me-up in the mornings. 
Cons: My only con about this cleanser is size of the bottle relative to the price. I feel like body cleansers tend to be used the most, and I would run out of this well before any of the other products in the line. I'm not entirely sure I'd pay almost $50 for a 200ml bottle, and would love to see this product offered in a larger size.

Body Polish | 200ml | $56.00
The Body Polish is an exfoliating, foaming skin polish that removes rough texture and promotes a clear and healthy look. The active ingredients in this product are buriti oil, natural wax beads, and aloe vera. Regular use of this product will help to produce collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer looking skin.
Pros: I love the texture of the wax beads, and they help to gently exfoliate without clogging up your drains or damaging the water system. I also like how if you want a deeper exfoliation, you can just add a loofa or dry brush, and the Body Polish will work even better. Not to mention, bergamot is one of my favourite scents and it's wonderful in this.
Cons: No cons for me! I absolutely love this product!

Body Silk | 200ml | $59.00
The Body Silk is a hydrating cream that literally feels like silk. It works best in conjunction with the Body Polish, and can be used just about everywhere below the neck. The active ingredients in this product at 2% niacinamide, caffeine, coconut oil, shea butter, squalane, and tocopheryl. 
Pros: The Body Silk sinks in quickly to my skin, and doesn't leave any oily residue. It's very hydrating and I've been loving using it with the Body Polish and Body Therapy (but more on that later).
Cons: No major cons here - if anything I would say it works best with other Miracle 10 Body products and is probably less effective on its own.

Body Therapy | 200ml | $85.00
Body Therapy is a skin tightening and smoothing gel. This product works by enhancing microcirculation, which helps improve the look of uneven, dimpled, and loose skin. 
Pros: Definitely has made my skin feel firmer. I also like that it slowly improves your skin's texture, rather than some body gels I've tried before when you feel your skin tightening immediately, resulting in sometimes dry - botox feeling sensations.
Cons: For what it is and how much product you get, I am on board with the price. I would say though, the packaging can be improved as this is a very liquidy gel, and you have to remember to have your hand ready for the product otherwise it will spill out of the bottle. If this product was in a pump form, it would be perfect!

Intensive Hand Repair | 100ml | $39.00
This is a super rich hand cream formulated with lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, and powerful antioxidants. It's a thick cream that has hints of fennel, and feels luxurious on the skin.
Pros: Very decent size, considering it's a hand cream, and it's gonna last me forever. I do have some hand creams that I love, but they tend to leave an oily residue and take a longer time to soak in - the Intensive Hand Repair works similarily to the Body Silk by sinking in quickly. 
Cons: No cons! I'd love a travel-sized one though for my bag!

Overall, I've been really enjoying the Miracle 10 Body line. If I had to recommend one product, I would suggest trying the Body Therapy. I love the texture of the gel, and anything that firms up my skin is a plus in my books. For a second choice, I would also give the Body Polish a try, but honestly anything from the line is amazing and altogether they work even better!

Hope you all enjoyed the review! You can find the Body collection and all Miracle10 products on their website: https://www.miracle10.com/

If you've tried anything from Miracle 10, I'd love to know your thoughts below in the comments. See you all next time!


Disclaimer* Products featured in this post were sent for review and all opinions are my own.
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