A couple months ago I was introduced to the entire range of My Real Squeeze sheet masks from Innisfree and I absolutely loved them! My friends over at Take Good Care kindly sent me the collection to try out and after using them up, I of course had to re-order a few of my favourites. The My Real Squeeze masks come in three different variations: water, essence, and cream. I found that I definitely gravitated more towards the cream-based sheet masks because not only were they refreshing, I also found the ingredients in them to feel more nourishing and effective.


Cream based //
Shea Butter | The shea butter masks are soaked in an essence that is recommended for normal to dry skin. When the weather was colder in Toronto, I loved using this mask because it left my skin feeling smooth, and super moisturized. 
Oatmeal | The oatmeal sheet mask is soaked in a creamy essence that feels super soothing on my skin.
Rice | Rice sheet masks are great for brightening dull looking skin, so whenever my skin looks lack luster, I like to apply this mask right before bed and I'll wake up to a glowy complexion.

Essence based //
Aloe | This mask is saturated in an aloe-based essence which is known for its soothing properties, and is great for when my skin is feeling irritated or inflamed. 
Manuka Honey | Honey is known for its antibacterial and healing properties, so I love this mask for when my skin is recovering from breakouts.

I thoroughly enjoyed the water-based masks too but I didn't end up reordering them. However, I highly recommend any of them if you're looking for a sheet mask that will make your skin feel very refreshed!

Have you tried the My Real Squeeze masks from Innisfree? Which ones do you like the best? If you haven't and would like to try them, I highly recommend shopping through Take Good Care as they not only offer a wide selection of other Korean beauty products, they are also reputable and a Canadian online retailer.

Have a great weekend!
- Nancy

Disclaimer* The Innisfree sheet masks were sent to me for review initially however, I repurchased them for this blog post because I love them!
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