Happy long weekend everyone! Today I kicked off the long weekend by attending the One of a Kind Show. If you don't already know, the One of a Kind Show is a bi-annual event that showcases some of the most unique artisans from across North America, ranging in anything from food to fashion, beauty, interiors, and more! This season's show runs from March 28 to April 1, and with the exception of Thursday's Late Night Shopping, the show runs from 10am to 9pm every day.

I love supporting local and Canadian companies, especially since I have personal connections to the community of local makers, and I really value the time and work that goes into an ethical and unique product. Every year I always talk to some of the exhibitors and I love learning about their work ethic, why they started doing what they're doing, and supporting them through my purchase of their products. Below are some of the items I picked up this year from the show - I highly recommend checking out their booths if you are planning on attending this weekend! 


You guys know much I love my marble and my succulents. At the winter show I picked up two mini air-plant planters from Double Decor and have been taking alllll the pictures of them. This year I decided to get a larger pink marbled planter which I'm sure will be making an appearance in many of my photos. 


One of the new artisans this year; I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Joyce and Jenny, the co-founders of Velvette Organics. They specialize in natural and organic plant oils for the face and skin, and are literally the nicest people ever. They're actually from Calgary (yay for hometown peeps!), and this is their first time showing in Toronto. I picked up their Night Facial Oil for normal skin, and I can't wait to give it a go.


Last but not least, I had to pick up a long overdue print from Jackie Lee. I am a huge fan of her prints - she screenprints them herself! I don't know how many times I have visited her booth over the years, but I have just never been able to decide on a print (because I actually want all of them...), but when I saw this one on Instagram, I knew it was the one to add to our wall!

And those are all the things I purchased this year. If you're looking for something to do this weekend, I highly recommend checking out the show, even if you're not going to buy. There are fun activities and lots of food samples, but it's also just cool to see the many things that people make!

- Nancy

Disclaimer* All products were purchased by me, One of a Kind press pass given complimentary.

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