If you've never heard of a turmeric latte before, then get ready to be amazed by a decaffeinated drink that will replace your morning coffees and work wonders for your body. I've seen these pop up in so many coffee shops in and around Toronto, and it's definitely gaining more traction and hype every day, so if you haven't seen this "golden milk" in your city yet, you can expect to see it soon!

In any case, I've played around with making my own, because it's super simple to make and tastes delicious. This is literally my go-to drink in the morning now, because I love how soothing it is for my body, and it just makes me feel good overall. Turmeric is a huge antioxidant for the body, and it's full of nutrients and warming flavours - this is why it makes you feel good! What's also great about this latte is that you can drink it hot (which is my preference) or cold by adding just a few ice cubes. 

Turmeric lattes definitely do not taste like a regular espresso latte or even a matcha latte. The turmeric gives the latte a slightly earthy and savoury flavour, while still being warm and slightly sweet. Combined with the flavours of cinnamon, star anise and ginger, it's a match made in heaven. I like to add some cayenne into my latte because it actually enhances all of the other spices, although I know black pepper has been linked to better absorption of turmeric, so you could definitely add that instead.

I use turmeric in curries all the time, and it's great to season vegetables or rice with. It's commonly known for its anti-inflammatory properties, high antioxidant amounts, and contains tons of phytonutrients. It's been linked to cancer prevention, and of course, the studies used to determine this used large amounts of turmeric to achieve the results, which is unrealistic unless you want to eat turmeric in every meal every single day. Although, it definitely doesn't hurt to start with small, daily intakes of turmeric by adding it to lattes, curries, sauces, and other foods that you already eat.

Turmeric does not dissolve in liquid, and like cinnamon and ginger, it will not completely resolve in lattes. So I recommend starting small on the turmeric if you've never had it before, and then gradually add more as you get used to it. I always like to strain my latte with a mesh strainer before I drink it as well, that way it's still infused with all the flavour with less of the grainy texture.


1 1/2 cup almond milk
1 tsp ground turmeric
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon (or a cinnamon stick)
1 star anise
1 tsp grated ginger
1/4 tsp ground cayenne pepper
1 tsp honey (optional for sweetness)

1. Gently warm the almond milk in a small pot on medium heat.
2. Add the turmeric, cinnamon, star anise, ginger, and cayenne pepper and whisk to combine everything.
3. Continue to heat for about 3 minutes to let the spices infuse into the milk. Remove from the heat and remove the cinnamon stick and star anise (you can reuse these!).
4. Strain the latte through a fine mesh strainer and pour into your favourite mug.
5. I prefer a sweeter latte so I always like to stir in about a teaspoon of honey and then you're done!

Let me know if you guys try this latte out. As always, you can see all of my food recipes using the menu tab at the top of my blog. I plan on doing as many as I can this year, so keep on checking back to see more healthy recipes.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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  1. I've been curious to try this out too, but I'm so worried that it will taste like a liquid curry lol Maybe with the addition of the honey, it won't be so bad!



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