I've always seen OGX products along the hair care aisles and have always been curious as to how effective their shampoos and conditioners actually are. Flash forward to Generation Beauty 2016 Toronto, and after visiting the OGX booth, I walked away with various shampoo and conditioner packets to try. I fell in love with the OGX Bamboo Fiber-Full range, and set out to purchase my own bottles.

Unfortunately, I have quite thin and fine hair, so I am always down to try products that will help to volumize my hair. The OGX Bamboo Fiber-Full shampoo and conditioner is designed to deliver serious volume with bamboo fibers and soy proteins. They are also sulfate-free, meaning that they won't lead to weak or damaged hair and will help to retain moisture. 

I like that the scent of the shampoo and conditioner isn't overpowering. It's a light, flowery, relaxing scent that lasts throughout the day. After rinsing the shampoo, my hair feels lightweight and refreshed (I love shampoos that give that clean, tingly feeling). Similarily, the conditioner doesn't weigh my hair down, rather it helps my hair retain moisture and allows for body and fullness. 

Overall, while I was using the OGX Bamboo Fiber-Full shampoo and conditioner, I found my hair to be stronger, bouncier, and more voluminous. I'm actually quite sad that I have used up all of the shampoo and conditioner, because now that I have been going through some other bottles of various brands, my hair definitely does not feel the same as it did when I was using OGX. I will definitely need to pick up some more bottles!

If you have thin or fine hair, or hair that is easily weighed down, I highly recommend trying the OGX Bamboo Fiber-Full shampoo and conditioner and the other products from the same range. 

What is your favourite duo from OGX? Let me know in the comments below!


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