2016 was a a year of tremendous growth...

In all seriousness though, I don't think I've had a bigger year than 2016 in my twenty-two years of life. This year taught me more than any year so far, and I feel like I did so much growing up this year, both in my personal and professional life. I think my mantra this year was "just do you", and I think I stuck to it pretty well because here I am at the end of the year feeling quite accomplished and proud of myself. I got to spend the year experimenting and slowing perfecting (although I am still learning!) my flatlays, photography and writing skills. In 2016 this blog grew exponentially, I received so much love and support from the beauty blogging community, and I gained almost 4000 Instagram followers. This year definitely had its ups and downs for sure, and I get where everyone is coming from when they say it was a bad year, but I'm choosing to look at the positive, and I think overall 2016 was a great year. I got to travel to PEI, which I have always wanted to do since I read Anne of Green Gables (I credit many things in my life to Lucy Maud Montgomery), I graduated fashion school and received my degree after four years of hard work, I moved into my own apartment, started a full time job out of school... just to name a few.

I went through hundreds of photos to round up some of my favourite moments from this year. Going through these photos made me realize how many photos I actually take and don't save - definitely something to work on in 2017!. These photos include my travels, some of my meals, moments, events, etc. I hope you enjoy!

Safe travels for New Years Eve (please don't drink and drive!), cheers to 2017 everyone! Stay happy and healthy!


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