I was given the chance to try out a bottle of CLEAN Reserve from Overcat Communications and so far I love it! Aesthetically, the packaging is so clean and appealing. The fragrance is housed in a glass bottle with a simple label however, it is what was inside that truly won me over. 

CLEAN is an innovative fragrance brand with a simple and conscious philosophy that has been active for more than ten years. Recently, they have launched CLEAN Reserve, a collection of nine different fragrances with a focus on sustainability and highlighting individuality. This launch features six new scents, Amber Saffron, Blonde Rose, Smoked Vetiver, Sueded Oud, Terra Woods, and Velvet Flora, in addition to new "Reserve Blend" editions of three older CLEAN fragrances (Rain, Skin, and Warm Cotton). 

CLEAN has approached this line by using sustainable ingredients such as birch, leathery wood, saffron, spiced herbs, patchouli, and wild moss all housed in a 100% recyclable glass bottle. The wood cap used for each bottle is a nod to their eco-concious philosophy and their mission for gathering pure ingredients responsibly. They also placed a focus on ensuring each scent was linear, making the scents ideal for layering and blending. In this way, all CLEAN Reserve scents are unisex, allowing for an airy and anonymous feeling, and high quality scent.

"Each CLEAN Reserve fragrance was created to be dynamic and evoke, 
not memories of the past, but possibilities and experiences yet to be discovered."

What Makes It Sustainable?
Sustainability is one of CLEAN's major philosophies. Creating a high quality fragrance that is natural and sustainable is difficult however, CLEAN has tried to lessen its carbon footprint by exhibiting the following:

  • The alcohol in each fragrance is derived from corn, a widely accessible, renewable and natural resource. 
  • Every wood cap is sourced from certified sustainably managed forests.
  • Fragrance manufacturing is located in a facility that uses 100% solar energy.
  • Each fragrance is infused with sustainable ingredients.
  • All paper used in the product/packaging is Forest Steward Council Certified (FSC).
  • The glass bottle is 100% recyclable.

Here is my 'CLEAN':

CLEAN Reserve Amber Saffron ($125 CAD) from
This is the sexiest and most delicious fragrance in the CLEAN Reserve collection. Amber Saffron contains a fresh blend of red fruits, delicate florals, soothing masks, warm amber and exquisite saffron. What makes Amber Saffron unique is that the mandarin oil used in the fragrance is cultivated in Brazil and that allows CLEAN to provide active support to communities with financial and environmental assistance. 

Notes: Bergamot Armoise Artemisia, Mandarin Oil, Rose, Lily, Raspberry, Musk, Saffron, Amber.
Style: Sexy, intoxicating, sensual.
Pairs well with: Velvet Flora and Sueded Oud.

You can visit Sephora in-store or online at to purchase CLEAN Reserve fragrances which all retail for $125 CAD. 

Have you tried any CLEAN or CLEAN Reserve fragrances? What do you think about them? Leave me a comment down below and link to your blog!


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