Happy holidays from me and Lush! Nothing gets me more into the Christmas spirit than goodies from Lush every holiday season.

Every year I pick up the Cinders bath bomb which smells like apple cider and contains popping candy so not only does your bath smell wonderful, but you also get to hear little popping sounds from the candy. I also pick up the Golden Wonder bath bomb every year because it just brings me back to the very first bath bomb I tried from Lush which was of course, that little golden present. It's very uplifting and festive and makes your bath look amazing.

This year I decided to try out the Peeping Santa bubble bar which is just the cutest thing in the world. I would say it more of a sweet scent rather than a festive one but it is so soothing for the skin. I've also gotten five or six uses out of one bubble bar so that's a plus too.

I also picked up a little sample of the Coal Face face cleanser which I have been loving - so I will need to pick up a full sized piece when I finish this one.

What are your favourite Lush holiday goodies?

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