Happy Tuesday friends!

So in case you don't already know this (although you might if you follow me on Instagram), I. Love. Dark Horse Espresso Bar.

The first Dark Horse opened on Queen Street East in Toronto in 2006. Since then, three more have popped out throughout the downtown core but the one on Queen East is still my favourite. Although they moved out of their original location a few months ago, the new cafe on Queen East is still just as warm and inviting as the old one (although there is much more space now).

This is where I spend my lazy Sundays reading, my mornings writing blog posts, and generally where I tend to go whenever I need to get out of the house. The vibe is amazing here, the music always gets an A+ in my books, and the coffee? The coffee is to put it quite simply, amazing.

What are some of your favourite coffee bars in Toronto? I would love to try out some other espresso gems in the city :)

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