Let's be real here, the only difference between my summer makeup and my autumn makeup is a darker BB cream and no blush. Other than that, I tend to stick to my usual concealer, black eyeliner, and some form of a pink lippy.

It's taken me a while to finally put The Body Shop BB cream to use because for once, I'm actually tanned! The 01 shade is a tad too dark for me in the fall/winter but since I have caught a lot more of the sun this summer, the colour match is perfect.

The star here though is Benefit's Boing concealer. I have heard so many good things about this concealer and decided to finally treat myself to it. This. Is. Amazing. It covers everything with just a thin layer and dries to a powdery finish which I prefer even though it is a cream based concealer. Some days I even skip the BB cream and go straight to the concealer which is perfect for summer because the hot sticky weather of Toronto does my skin no favours.

What is your summer must-have beauty product?

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