Oh, how nice it is to try out new beauty products! I've been quiet on this blog for a few reasons (Freon Collective being the bulk of them), but I've also been slowly going through my stash of products (mostly gifted and press releases) in order to use up everything and begin purchasing products again. Don't get me wrong, it is a privilege to get to try out the amount of beauty products I have over the past couple of years, but I've also missed walking into a store and just seeing all of the new beauty products that brands have launched. 

This is how I found COCOKIND. I've been in the market for a new facial oil ever since I ran out of my favourite from Velvette Organics, so when I saw COCOKIND, I was immediately drawn to their Chia Facial Oil

I did a quick search on chia oil and quite literally, it is the oil extracted from chia seeds. It is super rich in omega 3, which helps to maintain moisture levels and maintain a healthy protective skin layer. It's also one of the lighter oils, so it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a film of oil. The COCOKIND Chia Facial Oil claims to provide moisture deep into the surface of your skin, help soothe and de-puff, increase suppleness, and protect your skin from the environment. 

I should also mention that COCOKIND is certified organic, vegan, not tested on animals, and pretty minimal in their ingredients list. I mean, the two ingredients in this product are organic chia seed oil and organic chamomile flowers. I love how simple this product is, but just because it's simple doesn't mean it's not effective. Here are some key points on what I think about this product:

  • It has a very low scent, and it only comes from the chamomile flowers. Calming or what? It's the perfect oil to use before bed.
  • I was drawn to the packaging. Clean, simple, but also super cute!
  • It doesn't leave an oily film and absorbs super quickly into my skin, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and supple in the morning.
  • Facial oils are traditionally on the upper scale in terms of cost. This oil is $18.99 CAD - a significant difference in price compared to other facial oils available on the market!

Overall, I love the COCOKIND Chia Facial Oil. I am so intrigued by this brand and am looking forward to trying more of their products. Any products that don't contain beeswax are certified vegan, organic, and nothing is tested on animals!
Shoppers Drugmart does offer a small selection of their products, but I believe you can also purchase from COCOKIND's website.

Have you tried any COCOKIND products? I would LOVE to hear about what you've tried and what I should try next. Let me know in the comments down below or shoot me a DM on Instagram!


Disclaimer* Product was purchased by me.

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