I have finally made the switch over to natural deodorant after many months of trying to do so and while I've used natural deodorants on and off, I've found it difficult to take the plunge completely. I think after over a month of using these Live Clean deodorants, I've been officially converted.

To preface, the reason why we should all be using natural deodorants is because a TON of drugstore deodorants contain aluminum. Aluminum prevents you from sweating by blocking your sweat glands. The main problem here is that in recent years, there have been studies linking aluminum to breast cancer through absorption through the skin. Realistically, do we really need to be applying metal onto our skin?

Live Clean Deodorants are made with 99%% naturally-derived ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals. They are free from aluminum, propylene glycol, and parabens. Instead, their formula contains baking soda, corn starch, and certified organic botanicals. Currently, there are four scents to choose from: Sparking Citrus, Cool & Fresh, Powder Clean, and Fragrance Free.

Odour Protection

In terms of odour protection, if you are a person who a) doesn't sweat a lot or b) doesn't get smelly if you sweat, these deodorants will work for you without a doubt. I actually gave the Fragrance Free one to a friend and she absolutely LOVED it. If you are like me who has relied on an antiperspirant deodorant for years, it will take a few weeks before your body transitions over. Since I work from home, my first week was relatively easy and I found that I didn't have to reapply at all. On the first day I was actually out all day, I found that after 8 hours or so, I definitely began to smell and had to reapply, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. After a month of using these deodorants however, I have been able to go the entire day without reapplying under normal circumstances. 

My favourite scent is the Powder Clean scent. One key thing I want to point out is the application of these deodorants. They feel so soothing and if possible, they have a slight cooling effect on the skin. They're non-whitening, and feel very refreshing regardless of the scent! I do find that on days when my hormones are a bit crazy or I'm exercising a ton, I have to reapply within a couple of hours. 

What are some of your favourite all-natural deodorants? I'm always on the hunt for some new ones to try, but I highly suggest checking these Live Clean ones out if you're looking for a new deodorant. They retail for only $4.99, and can be found in most drugstores across Canada.

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