Yesterday I had the pleasure of checking out the Mix Beauty Lab in Toronto. The Mix Beauty Lab is a multi-beauty service location. They offer various services from makeup application to hair removal, facials, nails, and in my case, custom makeup. I shared my experience over on my Instagram story and so many people were interested in the process of creating custom makeup, so I thought I'd share everything indepth today in this post. 

Firstly, you can see from the photos that the Mix Beauty Lab is quite cute inside! There is so much natural light, and they also offer a range of natural and clean beauty products for sale in their retail space. 

CUSTOM LIPGLOSS | 1 for $40 or 2 for $70
The first station I visited was the lipgloss station. The mixologist began by explaining the type of formulas available (lip glace, lip smoothie, and lip polish). I went for the lip smoothie base, the heaviest of the three formulations. The mixologist then asked me what type of colour I was going for and selected a few pigment shades for me to add to the base. We only added a couple drops of each - everything was super pigmented! I loved how I got to add the drops and mix it myself, with guidance from the mixologist. I know some colour theory, but the people who work at Mix Beauty Lab are on another level.

When I was happy with the colour, I then had the option to add some shimmer and scents. I opted for no shimmer, but I did choose the pink champagne scent (although mimosa was a high contender!) and we also added some moisture and SPF. After that, the mixologist carefully poured my lipgloss in a tube and my custom lip gloss was finished!

Next up was the foundation station. This station was situated near a bright big window, allowing for a ton of natural light to come through. The mixologist began by asking me my skin type, what type of foundation I was looking for, what type of finish I wanted, whether I wanted SPF or not, and more questions of a similar nature.

I wanted a satin finish, light to medium coverage foundation of a watery texture and of course with SPF! Because my skin is relatively normal that runs just a tad more oily, she also added in some oil control to help balance that out. As you can see, what I wanted was super specific but the mixologist was totally able to give me what I wanted. I actually wore the foundation today and it's super lightweight and matches my skin perfectly. Another thing I wanted to mention is that they put my formulation down on file so in the future, if I wanted to repurchase it, they can make it exactly the same way.

CUSTOM LIPSTICK | 1 for $50 or 2 for $80
The last station was the lipstick station! I was most excited for this product, because as you know, my most loved makeup products are lipsticks. I've also never made a lipstick before, so the process was something I was definitely looking forward to. Similarly to the lip gloss, the mixologist gave me three options for a finish: matte, creme, and butter. I went for the matte base. She then asked me what kind of shade I was going for and I wanted a brick red/brown shade.

She added some drops of pigment onto the mixing palette and had me mix up the pigments, adding more of certain shades until I was happy with the colour. I then mixed in the lipstick base, melted the ingredients, and poured it into the lipstick bullet mold!

I just loved everything about the Mix Beauty Lab. All of their ingredients are natural and organic, and the mixologists are so knowledgeable about formulation and colour theory. I feel like it would be a great experience to try out for yourself, or even for a party like a bachelorette. Of course, you don't have to do all three products either, but in addition to the custom makeup, the Mix Beauty Lab also offers different services like nails, facials, lashes, and more. 

These are the final swatches of my three custom makeup products! I'd love to try more custom makeup from the Mix Beauty Lab, especially since everything can be catered to exactly what you want. You can have the same foundation shade in different finishes and coverages, lipstick shades in sheer, satin, and matte finishes, and lip glosses in endless shades and scents to suit your preferences.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this lengthy post!
- Nancy

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