Another year has passed! Like any year, 2017 was a year full of new opportunities, challenges, adventures, and big milestones. One of my biggest milestones this year was consistently being able to attend at least one blogging related event every month, sometimes attending up to two or three. I do have a full-time and a secondary part-time job, so at times I struggled between trying to find the right balance, however, some of my favourite events this year included Joiy's sparkling wine launch, Toronto's Light Fest, and Wet N Wild product launches! This year, I was able to connect and form friendships with so many more Toronto bloggers work with different brands to create much more content than I could have ever done on my own.

A big goal I had going into 2017 was attending Generation Beauty as a Creator, and if you remember from a few months back, I got to do just that! I got to attend the cocktail party, meet some wonderful people, meet Michelle Phan, and attended the convention with some of the loveliest blogger girls ever. That was definitely one of the big highlights of my year and I'm looking forward to more events like that in 2018.

Some other things I did in 2017 was travel to California for a few days, which was super fun considering the most travelling I've done the past few years is fly back and forth between Toronto and Calgary. My favourite places were seeing an amazing view of San Francisco at the top of Twin Peaks, relaxing on the Santa Monica beach, and visiting the Griffith Observatory. 

Lastly, to end on a few more things I did this year... supporting one of my dearest friends through the Cashmere fashion show/challenge, moving back downtown to an area I love with a person I love even more, continuing to improve and learn with this digital content creating age, and of course, seeing my family in Calgary!

I'm publishing this post a little earlier as come New Years Eve, I'm going to be on a plane flying back to Toronto from Calgary. So, feel free to scroll on and see some of my favourite memories of 2017 in black and white form. I hope you all have a wonderful New Years, stay safe and don't drink and drive! 

All the best,
Nancy xx

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