Happy Monday! It's my birthday! Yup, I am officially twenty-three (and unable to explain how I feel about that, for more reasons than a blink-182 song).

When I sat down to write this blog post, I really had no idea what I wanted to write about. I'm literally sitting here with writer's block. I guess in some ways, 23 is a big number for me. It signifies five years of living in Toronto, in which I feel like more has happened to me in my life than my 18 years in Calgary. It's just hard to put into perspective I suppose. 

Since I literally can't think of how I feel being a year older, and inn honour of my birthday, I want to talk about twenty three things that are in some way important to me since being in Toronto.
  1. Moving from suburban Calgary to completely different downtown Toronto.
  2. Building self-confidence (which I am still working on now).
  3. Attending Ryerson University's Fashion Program.
  4. Graduating from Ryerson University's Fashion Program.
  5. Trying (and failing several times) Tinder dating.
  6. Starting a DIY Youtube channel.
  7. Exploring new places for the first time in Toronto, most of which are some of my favourite places in Toronto.
  8. Living with roommates; doing the whole renting thing.
  9. Flying out to PEI for a few days, a dream come true!
  10. Starting a beauty blog on Tumblr, which led to this permanent blog.
  11. Attending my first PR event with so many amazing #Girlbosses.
  12. Being introduced to craft beer at Sin and Redemption on Dundas West.
  13. Taking runs along the Don Valley trail.
  14. Having lattes at Dark Horse, many lattes.
  15. Getting out of the whole roommate thing and moving into my own apartment.
  16. Teaching little kids how to sew.
  17. Hosting "Orphan Thanksgiving" dinners.
  18. Spending nights playing pool, dancing, and listening to live music with pints of Guinness.
  19. Working at trade shows and learning the small business side of things.
  20. Getting my first "real" tattoo on Queen East.
  21. Playing board games at Snakes & Lattes.
  22. Getting thrifty at Black Market and Value Village.
  23. Finding the person who feels like home for me. 
I was also looking back at my Twenty-Two Things for 22 blog post last year, and I can happily say that I accomplished or am in the process of accomplishing almost all of those things on the list!

I don't do them very often, but I hope you enjoyed this more personal blog post.


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  1. And you met me this year ;) WOOO happy birthday and congrats nancy. Many amazing years to come!

    1. Hahah oh yes, can't forget that!! :P Thanks Steph! ❤️


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