It is no secret that I love my leather jacket; my $15.00, trade-in leather jacket from one of Toronto's Kind Exchange stores. With autumn soon approaching, I'm so excited to bust out my #badass jacket again and wear it 24/7 (ok not 24/7, but you know what I mean).

Here are five reasons as to why I think everyone should own a leather jacket:
  1. It is extremely versatile: You can wear a leather jacket with just about anything. Picture it over a white t-shirt and ripped jeans, over a little black dress, with sneakers, heels, boots, it works with everything! 
  2. It is a wardrobe staple: Seriously, a leather jacket will last you years and it's one of those pieces that everybody needs in their wardrobe (like a blazer, a nice pair of jeans, etc).
  3. It gets better with time: If you're purchasing a new leather jacket, it'll have that clean and crisp look, but the more you wear it, the better it will get. Over time the leather will soften, and just like a pair of Converse shoes, your leather jacket will reflect you.
  4. It is quintessentially BADASS: Whether you associate it with rock and roll, metal heads in mosh pits, or trendy fashion bloggers on the web, there is something about a leather jacket that just makes everyone look that little bit more badass when they wear one. 
  5. It is timeless and sexy: On both men and women, a leather jacket is timeless and makes everyone look ten times sexier (think James Dean in the 50s). This might be a personal thing, but although I find men in suits extremely attractive (who doesn't?), there is just something different about a man who can make the leather jacket work so effortlessly.

And you don't need to invest in a $300 leather jacket. Faux jackets are awesome, especially with styles changing every season, but you can definitely find a nice jacket at a thrift store or consignment shop for less than half the price of a new one.

I hope I've convinced you to hop on the leather jacket bandwagon with these five points!

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